Valentine Okolo, whose poetry echoes the voices of the silenced and oppressed, also speaks of love in its purest form. His poem “Storm” may be interpreted as a strong love poem, a voice of a man speaking of the freedom he sees in his woman. It can also be seen as a gender equality poem that gives women the room to be whatever they choose to be. Read and see for yourself. The poem is from his book: I Will Be Silent.


My love

I will not ask you

to be a pigeon or a dove

cooing your pleasures away

in our liquid moments of love.


I will not ask you to be tender

or to be a timid voice,

suspended in song.


If you must be anything, my Eve

please be thunder,

and shake the foundation of our union

with the audacity of your desire.


Unleash a cry from within

with a purity that vibrates glass.

Do not let your touch become ordinary

like words uttered without meaning or intent.


Do not be

a sapphire sky filled with birds in flight.

If you choose to be anything, my love,

let it be lightning.


Yes, be lightning,

and write your name across my chest

in fluorescent text.

Show me what it means

to be electrocuted by your nails.


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