Alubarika which simply mean favour, is DryGin’s newest single. Born Damilare Rauf Yusuf which is an acronym of the first half of his stage name – DryGin, a singer, rapper and songwriter who started singing from his high school days is an indigene of Oyo State, Nigeria’s oldest and largest city in the West.

The highest selling and most widely read literature in the world, the Bible, in the tenth chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes at the nineteen bus stop according to the good news version said “feasting makes you happy and wine cheers you up, but you can’t have either without money” Money, as a defense, plays an essential and vital role in the life of any individual. This is clearly noticeable in DryGin’s Alubarika chorusLife no go sweet if money no dey…  As the money dey come trouble no come my way / I just want to make money and live my own way eh yeah yeah.

Damilare Rauf Yusuf aka DryGin

Alubarika is a self-soul lifting song taking into consideration that life comes with various challenges. For some, Life is beautiful whereas for some like DryGin, Life is a No Retreat No Surrender.

Produced by Dabio Mafia Pro, as we go about our various business endeavors, we shall have an uncommon and divine encounter with Alubarika.

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