Humanity, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity and belief is blessed with innate potentials. Only some selected few recognizes, identify and take it as their personal responsibility to groom these innate potentials in readiness for opportunities whenever they come. This can be said of Banké, the founder and leader of a five man (Banké inclusive) band known as D’Collagé.

Born Oluwabanke Shalom Akindejoye, Banké is the diva with diversity in musical instruments. Aside from intelligently writing her own songs and making theme songs, her commercially blessed vocal guarantees to make the most uninterested musical person, keen and spellbound whenever she holds the microphone to perform.

A music alumni of Nigeria’s leading University—Obafemi Awolowo University, Banké plays the Piano, Guitar, Flute and Iya–Ilu.

Although, she is not the regular news headline entertaining performer, Banké has performed in notable musical and non–musical events for household brand amongst which are: MTV Basement, Make Music Lagos, a yearly global event celebrating Music globally, AY Live—Nigeria’s music comedy yearly Show and in–house for the British High Commissioner to Nigeria in Lagos.

In the second month of the second quarter of 2018, she released her debut single—Mirror. Releasing her second single “Lights” in the second month of the second half of 2018, Banké style of music may not be a club banger, party mix or disc jockey selection, one thing which is sure is that her music has commercial value with growing audience within and outside the Africa continent.

Banké is one among the in–house contestants for Nigeria’s uniquely music reality TV Show, the STARDOM.