AFRIMA 2017 Best African Group nominee, Best Life Music from Burundi have finally released a banger after their release of Hello, BLM were quite for almost 3 months without releasing any new materials to their “die–hard” fans.

Best Life Music announced their release of their new work on Friday via Facebook live and only few fans heard the news and the words was spread like mustard seed in matter of seconds.

Finally this beautiful summer loving song that Best Life Music had collaborated with one of the households names in Kenya NaiBoi and the Kenyan Producer Ilogos who loves working with BLM.

Ilogos said “Best Life Music are so talented that whatever I have they would tune into it. I love dem boys like my little bros”

Best Life Music are still in Uganda Kampala building a body of work for them to take home in Burundi, collaborating with different artist discovering new song BLM said “ We love our fans that’s why we take time to make something we want to make sure we give them something ready and well cooked”

Listen to the new song TRUE LOVE by Best Life Music featuring NaiBoi and Ilogos. Official Lyrics video is available on BLM official YouTube Channel To download,

TRUE LOVE is a single off their first body of work titled – Addicted Album.