Bob Marley’s Tribute – Ital Sounds Diary

Joining the league of record-breaking registered events in the history books, 13 May 2016 remain the month, day and year reggae lovers in Lagos, Nigeria courtesy of Ital Sounds, Kodeland Entertainment celebrates – Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley, a messenger whose lyrics where truthfully philosophical earning him the title – Legend long after his dismissal from earth.

Ital Sounds artistes – BigMan, BornStar, Gilo Ranking and Maggi, one after the other mesmerised and flawlessly had an itch-free ride on Bob’s ‘Waiting in Vain’ and ‘Jamming’ riddim to the amazement of reggae lovers who came out in mass staying up till 3am Saturday morning during the Ital Sounds System and Kodeland Entertainment Bob’s tribute concert.

Hmm! I am no historian but being in touch with history have profited me enormously especially my unbiased love for reggae one amongst my three most loved music genres. I have trusted my instinct even when it slightly disappoints. Though, some might call it a myth but for me, it is history simply replaying itself again and it is only person(s) who sees farther will agree that there is something ‘reggaecious’ about May 13.

Talking about May 13, during Bob’s lifetime concert tour, three of his most outstanding concerts – Catch a Fire, Rastaman Vibration and Exodus were all held on May 13 in 1973, 1976 and 1977 respectively.

Today’s ‘celebrity’, I mean artistes whom I presumed to be ‘lazy’ suddenly has become legend overnight. However, this would be a subject for another write-up, but being a Legend in any industry you may find yourself is not ‘cracker biscuit’. It is not ‘mediocrity’. If I am to be specific – Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley is more than a Legend. He has 13 Studio recordings, 5 Live and 38 Compilation albums. Other albums includes: 2 Video, 1 Soundtrack and 10 Remix. Bob’s other discography are 17 musical videos, 133 singles and 11 box sets.

Despite all these musical accomplishments, Bob did not and never called himself a Legend like present day artistes.

Bob Marley 35th anniversary concert would be talked about in months to come proceeding to his 36th anniversary Jah willing.

Crowning Bob Marley’s tribute, last night at New Afrika Shrine, which coincidentally happens to be the Afrofusion Reggae Nite, selector @covenantreggae, held fun lovers dancing uncontrollably for 120minutes to Bob’s classic tunes. The high point of the Afrofusion reggae nite was Bob’s One Love track that broke every ethnical, status quo and religious boundaries as one after the other were singing passionately.
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