Erema is an Ijaw word from south–south Nigeria meaning “Woman”. The role of a woman in the life of an individual is important that it can’t be neglected.

Recognizing this fact, Nigeria’s reggae singer who is from Balyesa State, Jah Wondah, released the song titled, Erema in appreciation and recognition of the incomparable value of the Ijaw Women especially his mother who took part in his life and musical journey.

Erema is an up–tempo fast pace and danceable beat song sang in Ijaw language. It is the appropriate song for naming ceremony, child dedication, village and community meetings when the feminine folks are both the subject and object of the occasion.

A male child or husband who have no value for his mother or wife should consult with these legendary performers (2Baba, Shaggy, Akon, R. Kelly, Flavour and late Tupac Amaru Shakur) who have used their musical prowess individually to appreciate the irreplaceable role their mothers and wives have played in their lives. Just maybe Jah Wondah is becoming yet another legend.