Social Media giant, Facebook and Africa’s movie hub, Afrinolly are partnering together to empower Nigerian creatives.

This specially curated programme aims to train thousands of young creative entrepreneurs – from journalism students and bloggers, through to musicians, photographers, actors, filmmakers, comedians and social media influencers, on how to maximise Facebook for storytelling, content gathering and more.

“We know that the future of Africa is young and that the creative community here in Nigeria is among the most exciting and very best in the world,” Sherry Dzinoreva, Facebook policy programmes manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa, said.

“Our partnership with Afrinolly and the curation of this bespoke training reinforces our commitment to the continent, and Nigeria. Our goal is to continue to support and invest in young and diverse creative talent, and this is just another step.”

Residents in Lagos, Jos, Kaduna, Abuja and Kano will be able to attend this training in their respective cities. Subsequent to registration, participants will receive an email two weeks before the training date of the pre-selected location asking for confirmation.

Successful applicants will learn how to leverage Facebook products to showcase work, increase awareness and engage audiences online.

“Learn how to establish your brand and make your videos stand out. Discover how to grow your community and make money doing what you love,” reads an official statement from Afrinolly.

The Facebook for Creators training programme is free for all participants in all locations. The training is a day’s event and will start from 10am and close by 4pm, with breaks in between.

“We are very excited at the opportunity Facebook is providing media and creative entrepreneurs in Nigeria to increase both engagement and monetisation,” Afrinolly CEO Chike Maduegbuna said. “We are happy that Facebook is partnering with a multimedia content creation hub, like Afrinolly Creative Hub, for this initiative.”

The Afrinolly Creative Hub was opened by Afrinolly in Lagos for the provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for emerging and established content creators.

For enquiries regarding this training, visit the Facebook for Creators page here. Email for more information.


PS: This article have been published with permission from Music In Africa

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