Kami Naghdi, Tom Guida, Berkley Edwards and Jenny Parker are the accredited speakers for the 2020 edition of Film and Audiovisual Law Conference.

The conference which is designed for lawyers, producers (Screen and Music) public and private financiers, Directors and Paralegals will begin Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd March in Espinho, Portugal.

Copyright, Financing sources and structures in film and television, Music rights in content creation, Commissioning a composer, Licensing music, Writers’ Agreement, Collaboration with Production Companies, Financing sources and structures in film and television, Development, production and distribution of digital content are some of the topics to be discussed.

Law for Film and Audiovisual is a constant evolving discipline, adapting to the legislative technological and social evolution in this industry, therefore it is vital to have the most up to date knowledge available, as well as a space to discuss it. With this conference we are creating that exactly.

The conference will focus on Film and Audiovisual Law, a cornerstone knowledge for a sustainable evolution in the film industry. The topic is, however, severely under discussed.

The goals of this conference are as follows:

  • To analyse the new tendencies in Law in Film and Audiovisual.
  • To make up for the absence of conferences that address this issue on a European level.
  • To enlarge the theme´s comprehension and knowledge of producers and other agents that may be present in the event.
  • To encourage networking and the Building of Dynamics between producers, lawyers specialized in law of Film and Audiovisual, and other agents’ presents at the event.
  • To demystify some concepts associated with Law in Film and Audiovisual.

Espinho is a modern city on the Atlantic coastline as well as part of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto. With a growing population of about 30,000 inhabitants of four different parishes namely: Espinho, Anta-Guetim, Paramos and Silvalde, Espinho is a high-level tourist resort that receives thousands of domestic and foreign visitors throughout the year.

Famous for its beautiful beaches that are excellent for swimming and sunbathing, the city is unique in geography consisting of wide streets without name but numbers for easy identification. The even numbers represent streets that are parallel to the ocean and odd numbers represent streets that are perpendicular to the ocean in symmetrical square.