In May 2018, the first workshop took place in Lagos at Jaekel House, which was mainly organized by Legacy95 and dealt with the current situation with heritage management in Nigeria It was designed to emphasis the urgency of preventing further loss of heritage buildings, and stimulate discussion about the threats, the challenges and the solutions. A wide range of stakeholders participated, including representatives of public and state departments, experts and owners of historic properties including some in the “Brazilian Quarter”.

September 20-21, Goethe-Institut Nigeria organizes the second workshop, which extends its view on other countries – both in Africa and Europe- that face similar problems, e.g. a huge percentage of still existing old and worth-protecting historic structure is threatened by poor understanding, non-existing financial support, corruption and high real estate prices. The aim of the workshop is to exchange experiences and challenges and try to develop new strategies.

The participants are representatives of Nigerian ministries and state institutions, universities and NGOs, who all deal with these topics. Guest speakers from Germany, Ukraine and Tanzania will inform about developments, challenges and success stories in their respective countries.

The workshop takes place at Goethe-Institut Nigeria, Lagos City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island, Lagos. Invited guests only.

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