Developed nations all over the world are known for their youth programs. Countries like the United States of America, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, China and many others have well developed training programs for their children in sports, entertainment and technology. They go beyond just teaching the children mere basics. They train them to be world champion athletes, legendary artists, and civilization changing inventors.

The Christian Ronaldo’s, the Justin Beiber’s and the Mark Zuckerberg’s of this world were not created by mistake. They were created by a system which believes in seriously investing in the practical education of its children.

The ICT Boot Camp for Kids is created to equip our children with real life ICT skills. Skills they will use now, and into the future. This program is designed to create the next generation of ICT inventors and innovators.

The Boot would run for over a month and it will train the children on teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship. It will train them to do installations on the Windows OS, Interment Security and Virus disinfection, system trouble shooting and repairs, and introduction to other operating systems. Like Apples Mac OSX and Linux.