The journey of life and living has never been without ups and downs. While some cross to the finish line, others are stagnant, confused and dejected. Whatever you do, however you do it or whichever form you do it, one true critical factor is important, we all need inspiration. Living is all about inspiration.

Time an Indispensable tool for creating and sharing wealth

Time is money is an old cliché that has been misrepresented and abused out of context with no attention taken into account of either attending or starting a function behind...

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The Fear Factor a hindrance to success

Fear is negative. But it can be controlled, overcome and can be effectively used positively by asking the right questions. Listen to The Fear Factor a hindrance to success below...

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Building an exceptional career in Public Speaking

Not all who publicized themselves as public or motivational speakers have the call to this noble vocation. However, possessing the talent with the right skills, passion and regular training, you...

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Dreamer’s Don’t Lie

There are two sides to a story. So it is with dreamers. Whereas some individuals have re-trained their mind to accept that dreams are achievable. For some, it is the...

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