JeJe in English simply means gently.

Jeje, lyrically, is an intelligent fantasy love song recorded in English and Yoruba, a local dialect in Nigeria. The mild tempo instrumentation especially the African talking drum used in the song production by Big Dre were rightly integrated alongside the percussions created manually and electrically.

Banké vocal delivery is on point as she logically raised her song writing competence with romantically two verses, two pre–choruses before the main chorus, a bridge and an outro. David Mccoy supported with the lyrics writing.

…Ìfẹ́ yiyato / Nothing dem fit do… / Oya baby love me jeje…/ Baby let me say that I’ll do anything for you…/ The feelings’ like a movie…

JeJe is Banké’s third single and her very first official released song for 2019. Released on the 28th August, it simply takes listeners into the love terrain of Banké, Nigeria’s fast rising Afro Rock Soul Diva.