Music genres though unique are also dynamic and continue to evolve paving the path for new discoveries and promising creatives from music production to songwriting and vocal delivery. One newly discovered creative in songwriting and vocal delivery category from the AfroSoulPop genre in Nigeria is Korie.

Born Kindness Okorie in Lagos, on June 13th, Music to Korie is the air she breathes, as the universe is her perfect companion blessing her with meaningful messages which she lyrically expresses in the form of melodious rhymes and rhythm.

She has written over sixty songs of which two have been recorded. Currently working on three songs which will be included in her EP, she joined Nigerians and the world in celebrating February, which globally is acknowledged as a special lover’s month with her debut single, Ife.

Although she started singing from her age 5, spending 4 hours daily in the space of 4 months watching YouTube videos, she courageously self-taught herself how to play the guitar because of the inseparable affection of the shape of the musical instrument cum string sounds it produces which is pleasing to her ears, body and soul.

Music fans, critics, lovers and promoters across the globe, I humbly give to you the next performing rising diva.