My Dearest Teacher,

I want to trust, that the on-going national and global economic instability is not in any way making you have a change of thought on your honorable Teaching profession.

Silver or Gold have I not, but I want to use this medium to honestly appreciate the effort and sacrifices you teachers make daily in the classrooms, not only to educate the future generation but also imbibe in them lasting moral principles.

The questions I ask myself as a primary school pupil – What will I become in the future? How secured am I in this “strange” environment (the school premises) with other children from various backgrounds? Is this truly the right path (the school system) that will  adequately equip me with all the necessary tools to face life’s challenges?… These were some of the questions I asked myself and ponder over in the period between my primary to tertiary school education.

I remember how warmly and tenderly I was welcomed by my first school teacher. I remember her saying to me… “don’t be shy, nobody should scare you, that you teachers are my friends…”

I vividly recall a statement she made while addressing the class, saying “we (collectively referring to pupils) have come to the right place”. I remember what it was like when learning and reciting the English alphabets and numbers… spelling two and three letter words, reciting poems like “twinkle twinkle little star”, “three blind mouse”, “one two buckle my shoes…”, “my head, my shoulders, my knees, my toes…”, “the school anthem”, the multiplication tables etc. 

I also remember how I was guided and prepared specially for my first inter-school debate with the caption – My Favorite School Subject. Those times were nostalgic for me. The end of every academic term was always fun-filled and splendid especially during the Christmas and new year festivities. 

I will also never forget the strokes of  “koboko” I received from my teachers for bad behavior in school. Especially, one I received while  learning a cultural song that was specifically not my mother tongue but guess what… I still sing and dance to that cultural song today.

Hmm! My Teachers, do you know that I learnt the Lord’s Prayer in school and not in church?

In all of these years of learning, you never stopped correcting my mistakes and never stopped encouraging me when mocked by my peers during classroom activities. 

You teachers were a strong motivating factor of making the dictionary my companion in the continuous improvement of my vocabulary especially when you spoke a word that was “big” and new to my hearing. Having been born and raised in Lagos most notorious ghettos, where the perceptions of its occupants are almost negative, you teachers were a shining and guiding beacon towards a life of optimism, positivity and progress.

Without mincing words, it is without doubt that you teachers are the layers of the great foundations on which every great and progressive society stands. Because you are the ones who remain in the background to properly raise every succeeding generation. Regrettably, not everyone fully appreciates this undeniable fact.

It saddens my heart that I have ignorantly neglected YOU for a long time. I wouldn’t say I have the slightest inkling of your innate feelings about my ingratitude but one thing I know for sure is that you will never stop being proud of how you have raised me and contributed to my achievements.

Talking of my achievements, be rest assured that with the knowledge gained from you my teachers, I have upgraded and have also been passing it on to the younger generation. I have not relented in upgrading my knowledge in line with recent trends and It’s always fun for me, just as it was and still is for you impacting knowledge positively on the younger generations.

The universe will be grossly unhappy with me, if I refuse to let you know of my factual series novella – “Silver Lining” by Godwin 3ple-i. It’s available online, @TerraKulture in Lagos Nigeria and soonest on IamDynamite Store. I know you are not familiar with the name “Godwin 3ple-i”, but not to worry, it is the unique name I coined for myself as an upcoming author.

My next literary work (the sequel of – Silver Lining) will be ready for release hopefully before December 2016. Or unfailingly, not later than my next birth date in April 2017, with the name – Godwin Iheanacho boldly written on it. Expect my e-IV along with a surprise package after forwarding your e-mail account IDs to me.

Truly, words can’t express how I feel as I also use this medium to appreciate my bossom friend turn sister – Rhoda Odigboh (@learningcraftNG). She is an unshakable force in championing the recognition and proper remuneration of teachers both in the public and private sectors through her series of educational events. 

#ValuingTeachersInNigeria is the trend theme for the first ever Nigerian Teachers Twitter Conference an initiative of The Learning Craft as the world celebrates teachers globally come 5 October, 2016. This conference would feature @educhildes & @teachersofatv

Earnestly hoping to meet with you all one-on-one based on the content of my e-IV to you.

I am proud to be your student.