The life of a writer is a complicated one. It is one which intellectual giants and academic bulldozers have failed to give a tangible and comprehensive explication to.

An average writer’s head is a very noisy place. In it, there are voices of arguments, loud hornings of moving vehicles and trains, voices of market women, wicked men, beggars, politicians, mad people, sounds of thunder, breeze, clapping waters, musical instruments, sirens and so on. The list is endless.

In it, there are pictures of cruelty, man’s unkindness to mankind, celebration, dancing scenes, smoke fuming from oil companies gas and carbon waste, smoke from automobile exhaust pipes, accident scenes, mad men and women, armed robbers and prostitutes, drugs, new born babes and old men, the list, I repeat, is endless.

A writer leads multiple lives. A writer appreciates life from different angles of view.

A Writer is sometimes a confused person. Nobody can understand a writer. Even a writer cannot understand himself. A writer is nature’s pencil and his output is neither subject to his discretion nor of credit to his person. A writer is not made, a writer is born. A writer tends to see beyond what an average mind perceives.

When an average mind sees Hausa men killing cows for meat, jollification and celebration, a writer sees a helpless mother of many calves brutally slaughtered in the presence of her children who cannot do anything to help. When an average eyes see the sky covered in thick cloud, he predicts rainfall and runs to collect his cloths from the laundry ropes at his backyard, but a writer feels sad, having understood nature’s been hurt and can’t help but cry.

When an average eyes see a scorched tree, they see a dying tree, but a writer sees an old person who was once a man of strength, multiple fruits and valour but time and age has manifested and thus the glory of the former is lost. When an average man sleeps, he sleeps, but when a writer sleeps, he awakes in the spiritual world of this mysterious life.

Writing is golden, a great writer is a golden writer.

Texts from the pencil of a golden writer outlives him and affects a number of generations to come. Golden writing is a gift.

Life of a Writer.


PS: Published with permission by Kelechi Obasi