An inventor created a new kind of food -noodles; that solve the human’s need for time, leading to a rush; at another point, a king was saddened, then a hunter came and turned things round with a meal of spicy noodles. Elsewhere, two arrogant men with a young generous humble brother sets out for an adventure but only him returned by the grace of a spoon, pot and a wrap of delicious noodles.

A king with four sons wanted his people to choose their king among them and surprisingly, their choice was Indome the son of Noodles. But soon after becoming king, enemies plotted to unseat him by poisoning the people’s food to cause a revolt. And then a leader dare to give his life up for his people’s safety, but spared for his good virtues and irresistible pot of noodles.

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the game of money

The Money Game

So you think you are not playing the money game? Then you are the only one who isn’t.

Your banker is playing the money game and that is why your money deposited in your account will never come back to you without deduction. Your banker takes what is called management fee. Your landlord demands for rent every year. Such is playing the money game.

Everything you do requires that you spend your money. They are all playing the game except you. If your money isn’t replicating itself, then you need to learn how to play the money game.

Get THE MONEY GAME eBook and learn how to play the game too. It is downloadable to your phone, tab or PC for just 500 naira and you can buy it on BusinessIQ Africa secured platform with easy payment gateway.

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Prodigals in Paradise

In a place where hope is fleeting, dejection and misanthropy reign supreme, resignation to a wretched fate is not an option as a diehard spirit, whether for positive or negative ends must be adopted. This is Lagos where life moves at a fast pace with the innocent, honest and moral being maligned; this is Paradise where the ceremony of innocence is drowned. Prodigals in Paradise gives a panoramic view of the decrepit lives that inhabit slums in the city. Like “Welcome to Lagos”, a BBC documentary which features degradation in dialectical Lagos, Paradise is a city than it is a house as it is home to a variety of characters; vile characters such as Job, Keziah, Junior etc., and ordinary characters such as Akpan, Nicodemus and Komolafe (each with their own peculiarity).

The story revolves around Nicodemus, a young man of 24 who receives the first shocks of false euphoria that define the travel of rural migrants to metropolitan centres, on his first visit to Lagos. With the disillusionment he encounters, Nicodemus struggles to make ends meet while remaining morally upright in the face of sexual (evident in Keziah’s coquetry) and financial temptations. On arrival to Lagos, he meets his uncle Job, who has had a fair share of indiscriminate pilfering in the name of survival with his now-deceased friend, Okon. Presently an Okadaman, Job shares a rent-free abode, Paradise with neighbours like Keziah who doubles as his girlfriend, Komolafe a coffin maker, Akpan a conductor, amongst others…

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