Who is Greedy? How greedy can mankind be? Is greed an inherited trait amongst humanity? These thought reflective questions came alive after listening to Man Too Greedy, a song title by BornStar.

Produced by SmallAxe, a Jamaican producer based in Florida, USA. What makes Man Too Greedy interesting is its lyrical (If am asked to choose a man or an animal…which should I chose… / We all pretend to be loyal / When money comes we shall kwon the truth / No man is humble o” man to greedy … / Baba God go bless me bless you… how can I bless who wan kill me …) composition.

Inspired by the suppressing and ill treatment of the “so called rich” towards the “extreme poor” in the society, in addition, man, women inclusive wants and needs are insatiable giving life to the old cliché “if you want to know the authentic character of any human being, put such person in a place of money and power” according to BornStar.

Greed, though old as humanity itself, greed is a trait no mankind seems to be innocent of especially once money that answers to all of humanity needs and wants is involved.

Man Too Greedy was officially released Saturday 16th November 2019. It is the second official single after Delima from BornStar whose birth name is Ifeanyi Obiojogwu, an indigene of Delta State, Nigeria. Born and raised in Lagos State, BornStar who is a singjay infuse urban style in his blend of reggae delivery.