During the under developed era of the African Continent, music was the tool some of the African countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique among others used in getting independence from their respective colonial masters.

Some of the African Countries like Rwanda, Mali who expressed genocide in the advent of the information and communication technology age, music was not only an escape route, it was their consolation inside out.

To this day, music is both a therapy and weapon. It can be use either positively or negatively. However, the positivity towards the use of music have always and will continue to outweigh its negativity.

African creatives from the entertainment circle especially musicians are using their craft to bring about enterprising opportunities and various development most importantly Nigerian performing entertainers.

Whereas some shallow Nigerians in and within the political terrain have refused to embraced the development music is bringing. Concern Nigerians, some with basic unanswered questions wonder why Nigeria, a nation with yet–to–be harnessed bountiful human and natural resources still moves around in circle.

These shallow Nigerian politicians are never tired of shamefully blaming others for Nigeria’s continuous decaying economy structures.

Politics is a subject many love to shy away from because of its outward negative results. Politics is more than personal interest. It is collective interests for a developing and stronger mutual benefiting relationship.

Politics today is no longer a sole proprietorship venture. Politics has grown into a conglomerate, so it is with music. Both politics and music have become an integral part of our individual lifestyle and the society at large.

Directly or indirectly, music and politics, give and take something to the individual and the society. There are two kinds of giving. Giving by going and going by giving.

This giving gesture comes alive as Youth Alive Foundation championed a positive political initiative via going by giving in its educational awareness campaign song titled “No ShiShi 4 Bribe”.

The song have the brilliant vocals and lyrics of Nigeria’s Afro–Pop king (2Baba), Nigeria’s Hi–Life maestro (Sunny Nneji), the King of Pop–Fuji (King Wasiu Alabi Pasuma), Nigeria’s contemporary emperors and empresses—Timi Dakolo, Mr. P, Simi and Waje respectively. Other performing entertainers include: Oga Boss himself (ill Bliss), fast rising act (SlimCase), Classiq and Nigeria’s controversial rapper and actor, Falz, The Bahd Guy.

With the election and political adrenaline pumping uncontrollably, the choice of credible, responsible, accountable and servant leaders remains the sole rights of eligible voters.

In the words of 2Baba generally known as Mr. Innocent Idibia “voting is a civic right that can strengthen or kill development in Nigeria. It is your power to demand for good roads, jobs, healthcare, quality education and good leadership. When you sell your vote, you sell your voice as a citizen”