Citizen Journalism is geometrically growing. Registered media firms no longer holds monopoly to news and events happenings. Today’s ICT gadgets, especially smartphones, has made it simply easy for news and events to be reported real-time online as it happens.

Sunday 12th November at the prestigious five star Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos Nigeria, recognised and unrecognised media firms were denied access into the auditorium of the 2017 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA).

Although, the media firms NO access to the auditorium policy was not a pleasant news to the tens of thousands of media firms anxiously excited to cover the much publicised and talked about award. But from the business perspective, it was justifiable.

Dismayed. Speechless. Disappointed. This is exactly how I felt from within at the New Afrika Shrine (venue for Afrofusion Reggae Nite courtesy of Ital Sounds System every Tuesday) upon sighting the notice “Please NO Recording. Order by Management” boldly written in front of the stage, the right-hand and left-hand side of the open space few meters away from the stage.

The reason for their refusal of media coverage is because of the enormous benefits on the internet especially YouTube which has made citizen journalist millionaires and billionaires as predicated by Bill Gates in his book “Business at the speed of thought”

YouTube is a non-stop money spinner which acknowledges, support, respect intellectual creativity and its creators. It holds an unbreakable record for anything and everything video. A safe haven for yet-to-be celebrated creative persons regardless of region and all the self-identity “bullshit”.

Media business on the internet is more than profit. It is giving and receiving transacted on an arena of integrity. Event organisers, media firms inclusive can’t operate in isolation. Both need each other.

In my opinion, a constant scrolling message at the bottom of the screen by the media firms acknowledging the event organiser during live reporting or post-live reporting keeps the relationship cordial.

Once payment is being received from YouTube for an event organiser video, uploaded by a secondary owner (media firm), the primary owner needs to know, get paid (in the form of  royalty) a certain percentage by the secondary owner and an agreed sharing ratio reached for continuous mutual business relationship.

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