16th February 2018

The Entrepreneur in Business

  This episode of Business Guide, Johnson Abbaly, veteran business facilitator crosses the t’s and dots the i’s in becoming an outstanding entrepreneur.
16th February 2018

The Entrepreneur & his Business Plan pt 1

Business Guide is an engaging and informative radio programme that x-rays yesterday, today and tomorrow’s business personalities, their business environments and modus operandi. Business Guide was […]
16th February 2018

Financial Intelligence

  Financial knowledge and its application are vital in becoming debt-free while effectively managing the funds in your disposal. This episode of Business Guide x-rays practical […]
1st December 2017

My Business My Media. The Writer’s Lens™

Citizen Journalism is geometrically growing. Registered media firms no longer holds monopoly to news and events happenings. Today’s ICT gadgets, especially smartphones, has made it simply […]