The name Tim Eagle (born Timothy Chukwuemeka) might not ring a bell but after you must have listened to his song titled POLICE, I bet his name would continue to resonate in your mind’s eye each time you see a police van or a police officer.

Police is an urban reggae song classified under the roots rock sub genre, produced by ace music producer/Mix Engineer Timeless Music referred to as Kris Okoro in the music industry.

This is no doubt a reality song with deep heartfelt messages for all to reflect and ponder on the activities of few bad eggs within the police force. Tim Eagle literally takes us on a memorable journey hoping to redirect the bias that ‘the police is actually not your friend’ little wonder why he reinforces his stance that “the police is still your friend’ after making vivid their brutal antics by some few bad eggs amongst them in this thought provoking song.

With heavy rotations of this song across media outlets in Nigeria and the attendant reoccurring decimal of violence and brutality during election seasons, probably the Government of the day might take huge steps towards revamping and overhauling the Nigerian Police Force.

Having taken these actions aligned with superb leadership and execution of new policies, in no distant time citizens would indeed begin to affirm that truly ‘the police is still your friend’.

Police brutality is not only common or prevalent in emerging economies, Tim Eagle’s chorus: Dem beat this man / Dem kill this man / Dem beat this man / Dem brutalize this man…brings to bare the rough treatment minted out to some notable music icons in Jamaica, America and Nigeria. The following names would put a lid on my earlier assertion of musical brutality; Bob Marley, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti and Tupac Amaru Shakur.