Story” is a metaphorical reality alternative single with a high-life feel by Alleluya Boyz Entertainment performer cum songwriter–Network, whose real name is Ifeanyibema Evans and hail from Nigeria Oil producing region – Delta State.

The lyrics of “Story” is in Nigeria’s street language – Pidgin. It talks about happenings in the society from sports to economy, movies inclusive especially individuals who out of context have misinterpreted and misrepresented what PACKAGING really is and should be for sales or marketing purposes when “…since last year na you hold car key we no dey see the car, any day we jam you, you’re waiting for your flight…”

The chorus “you like Ronaldo you no like football / na story you dey find / …who dey vomit cassava way no chop fufu / na story e dey find calls for deep thoughtful reasoning as the hook“we agree, we no argue…” from my perspective is the catch phrase in distancing oneself from unnecessary and uncalled–for “wahala