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20th August 2016
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8th September 2016
Fayo Williams, Charles O’Tudor, Nike Okundaye, Jason Njoku, Naadiya Moosajee and Hema Vallabh are among Africa’s outstanding entrepreneurs that have graced the cover of Africa’s fastest growing FREE digital business magazine—BusinessIQ. “Think. Believe. Become. Call it the magazine’s motto, slogan or catchy phrase. Whatever it is to you, these 3 words are extremely powerful and must NOT in any way be taken for granted.
Nearing a decade when the idea of the business magazine was born, it was perceived like many other small enterprises that won’t survive or grow. Then, it was known as Business101. No doubt, it had NO definite or specific vision. But as the clock ticks, through strategic repositioning, it has become the delight of emerging, growing and established business enterprises.

Refusing to be ‘jack of all trade’ from the business lens, the business side of BusinessIQ are but not limited to IDEA CONCEPTUALISATION, FINANCIAL MATTERS and S.M.A.R.T. strategies for all round business growth.

BusinessIQ is FREE. It is a 16 page coloured down loadable portable document file (PDF) reader friendly magazine once you input on your browser address bar. In BusinessIQ, you get to read ONLY inspiring stories of successful Africa Entrepreneurs except for Vol. 1 No. 2 and Vol. 1 No 5 which was a special tribute to late Steve Jobs and dedicated to Bill Gates for their positively contributions to the ICT world for the benefits of humanity.

Do you know of any business struggling for survival? Do you know of that person with that gigantic idea and wants to turn it into a lucrative Brand Enterprise? Show your unbiased concern towards these persons as you tell them about BusinessIQ. Simply send them the link

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