The Brand™ – Ital Sounds System

HUSH. A Silent Reggae Dancehall Party, Shimmers Style.
8th August 2016
The Brand™ – BusinessIQ
30th August 2016


Colour, logo are among some visible attributes easily associated with any brand. Consciously or unconsciously, for a BRAND to succeed it has to be mentioned over and over and over again. If I am to take record of the number of times the word – Brand is mentioned daily, trust me the calculating machine would display ERROR!


With nearly over a dozen different definitions / meanings, my personal understanding of BRAND is simply; that UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS quickly associated to an enterprise, product / service upon mentioning or seeing that enterprise, product / service.


The world of business is a typical front-line battle only for the creatively intelligent strategist. So it is with a BRAND. Brand itself is an enterprise. Anything and everything that will make the enterprise blossom alongside its integrity, goodwill and clientele database must be unbiasedly premium.


Ital Sounds System from the entertainment and business telescope is a unique brand enterprise. Plays ONLY and Strictly Reggae Music. Never selfish in her trade, it plays for the Italist, give emerging reggae dancehall artiste opportunity of sharing the same stage with known reggae brands. Mistaken as a record label because of their love for reggae, Ital Sounds becomes the goose laying the golden eggs in grooming emerging dancehall reggae artiste via workshops while preparing them for the world of stardom via appearances on its radio platforms.


In general, the music scene is extremely polluted with unwholesome vices. Ital Sounds stands tall like the ‘iroko tree’ in delivering wholesome lyrical content, modest dress sense and two-way communication traffic between her artistes and audience.


Distinct. Modest. Professional. Creative. Commercialising its core business interest which is reggae dancehall music, Ital Sounds System confidently holds reggae lovers spellbound for 5hours, 8hours and more every 2nd Sundays of the month and Tuesdays at Freedom Park and New Afrika Shrine respectively.


Priding what is her treasure, Ital Sounds System re-awakens over 45million (an already market for smart marketing managers to leverage on) listeners consciousness as she infotain reggae lovers with current happenings from music to events within the genre – reggae.


Other supplementary business related interest include being a Media Entrepreneur within the field of audiovisual production.


Are you an ardent reggae lover or supporter? Do you know someone yearning for authentic and undiluted reggae music? Do you have an upcoming event either corporate or a social function. And would love to have a touch of reggae? Be cheerfully generous to link that person or event planner/organiser with Ital Sounds System.

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