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8th September 2016
Letter to my Teachers
27th September 2016


Never underestimate the power of the media, on the flip side too…. Never overestimate the power of the media. The moment you have the expertise to strike a  balance between these two then you have attained the level of a Master Strategist.


Media institutions be they radio, tv, print or even the internet all survive on advertisements or commercial placements which traditionally plays certain roles which is to either inform, educate or entertain its audiences in whatever categories they each represents.


In other climes the man with content is KING, being able to generate superlative media content that would be of interest to certain brands in Africa is indeed a tall order. A journey only the brave can indeed survive.


From the resounding successes of its branded contents – “touching lives” they uniquely give back CSR initiatives packaged for tv in 5 African countries by Africans for Africans. Another impactful  content is – “health line” which is currently rejuvenating smiles and laughter to the face of its beneficiaries.
Launch Factory undoubtedly has been able to distinguish its brand within the circles of audiovisual productions as Master Strategist. One of the best in producing vital Contents for major Brands, Experiential and Activation of Brands products and services.


As the cliche goes – birds of a feather folk together, let us align our expertise with your brand as we put together key contents that will help reposition and rebuild your brand image towards your publics. Pls visit us at

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