Are you safety conscious? Think again? What do you know about keeping your gas cylinder in the kitchen? What will you do if your twelve years old son almost drown in your very own pool? What is your safety precaution when driving on our bad roads? And if your four years old daughter bruises her knee while jumping around in your living; what will be your first reaction? So safety precaution, trainings and gadgets are necessary for your daily survival and the one-stop shop for such is Rely Supply Limited.


For over a decade, this amazing and enterprising woman, Fayo Williams, has refused to stop evangelizing the need for safety through her very own business, Rely Supply Limited.


Rely Supply Limited is a safety organization owned and managed with excellent track record by Nigerians. Rely Supply Limited has branded safety boxes—First Aid boxes—for all purpose in various categories at best prices. And it is being distributed across Nigeria. You sure need one in your home or office. Do you think so?


Apart from placing the branded First Aid boxes in offices and homes, her concerned for safety matters led to the birth of her radio talk show— Safety Tips with Fayo Williams on Safety Train, every Tuesday from 10:30am, on Traffic Radio 96.1FM.


Never be in the dark again on safety matters. Be informed, stay informed and updated with simple, practical and applicable safety tips from Fayo Williams. And when next you visit an office, look around for the First Aid box; I am so very sure, it is from Rely Supply Limited.