In today’s evolving industrial terrain the business of SERVICE delivery would have been a NO go area for many without a surge of service delivery activities being in high demand. Be it corporate, social, direct or indirect, the need for a SERVICE delivery personnel or an organisation has become a vital and essential need amongst the other essentials.


Shimmers Production Service, is the proverbial golden fish that has succeeded in staying afloat against many odds in today’s economy.  They have delivered top notch services which have made her clientele glue to her like stamp to a letter with no regrets of referrals.


Best known for hygienic catering services, themed event coordination and one of the best discounted hospitality service agencies. Shimmers stands tall on the pillars of CREATIVITY, VALUE and QUALITY as these smashing attributes has kept her on the A-list of service delivery outfits.


Freedom Park Dancehall Reggae Nite, Afrofusion Reggae Nite, HUSH – silent reggae party are amongst the list of entertainment events Shimmers is successfully coordinating.


Once you shoot an email (without a gun) to be rest assured that your service delivery NEED would be met ranging from events, AGMs, hotel reservations, private or group parties etc.


When it comes to hotel reservations on the island the luxurious ambience of Westwood Hotel Ikoyi is definitely irresistibly and affordable. Memorable smiles on the faces of our guests and their finger licking satisfying hygienic meals are some of the experiences that endear them to SHIMMERS.


Once you book your hotel reservations with us you will enjoy some great discounts for the finest hotels because we route our bookings through
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