Within the confines of radio broadcasting there is a latent difference between being a “Presenter” and being an O.A.P (On Air Personality). An OAP creatively presents the station’s opinion on a subject matter or generally carries out his/her function making the audience to yearn for more and more, as against just conveying information without entertaining and creatively embellishing the message.
Titilayo Oyinsan aka Titi The Dynamite
One O.A.P that have humorously, brilliantly and creatively bonded the three pillars (inform, educate and entertain) of the media into an unbreakable unit is Titilayo A. Oyinsan widely known as Titi The Dynamite.
Blessed with a unique voice, distinct in her presentation style, irresistibly inviting with her vibrancy, she continues to engage her audience capped with that infotainment week days contents coupled with top notch guest appearances that guarantees a balanced dosage for the right mood all day long.
In Titi’s perspective it is super interesting to start your week by getting vital health tips after the roller-coaster of weekend fun. A healthy individual is a wealthy individual. This catchy cliché is known by all but sadly practiced by some select few. Your Health and YOU comes on air every Monday and Wednesday.
Another show she anchors is Naija Women in Business, a MUST listen for any woman in business or about to start a business. For the “Other Room” advocates please don’t get it twisted folks, NO woman’s education ends in the kitchen or being the certified house wife. As in the biblical proverbs, Titi brings out the enterprising spirit of the woman every Tuesday which is an encouragement to the women themselves and their husbands who believes and have respect for the sayings in the biblical book of proverbs.
Watching infants grow has never been a joyful experience. With NO apologies, our hospitals have become the profit enterprise where currencies notes have top priority as against human life. This program – Your Baby and You which airs every Thursday, brings back smiles on the faces of mothers’.  Raising children is an awesome task and a totally different experience. The joy of parenthood has become bearable thanks to T.i.t.i and Mummy Toddler.
Before the advent of On Air Book Club, another scintillating show anchored by Titi.  The Nigerian writers with their literary creativity have long been buried and forgotten, worse off for emerging and yet to be known Authors. Like the teaching profession, none who writes can speak boldly of his/her profession in public because of the degrading humiliation that awaits such individual. Today, the writing profession commands respect. Indirectly, literatures in Nigerian schools from Nigerian Authors now have a voice. Celebrate the Nigerian Author with Titi’s On Air Book Club every Friday.
Standing confidently on her lane, she has become the vessel of hope for the girl child(ren) with – IamDynamite Network of Givers ensuring that every girl child (those willing and interested) gets an education. Practicing and encouraging giving, she gives via IamDynamite Store where certain percentage of the money from the book sales alongside financial donations received is used in sponsoring a minimum of 30 girls every academic term.


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