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The Entrepreneur & his Business Plan pt 1

Financial Intelligence
16th February 2018
The Entrepreneur in Business
16th February 2018

Business Guide is an engaging and informative radio programme that x-rays yesterday, today and tomorrow’s business personalities, their business environments and modus operandi.

Business Guide was transmitted every Wednesday from 11:45am on Radio One 103.5 (formerly Choice FM), one of the FM stations on the Radio Nigeria Lagos Broadcasting platform. It was transmitted in the second and third quarter of 2014.

An unknown destination or journey can’t in any ramifications be compared or equated with specified destination or journey. This episode of Business Guide informs and educates the entrepreneur on the core components of a business plan and its importance in starting and growing an enterprise.

Godwin Iheanacho
Godwin Iheanacho
Author of Silver Lining, a series factual novella, Radio Drama Producer, versatile, dynamic and enterprising Music, Business & Arts Journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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