The Movie, Acrimony, brings to life the untold stories of happenings in yesterday, today and tomorrow’s marriages (if only the marriage last till tomorrow).

Slightly different from the predictable happy ending romantic films, Acrimony is categorized as a psychological thriller. It is thought provoking, intelligently deep and for the extremely unsentimental matured minds.

Why I am strongly of the opinion not to accept Acrimony as the norm breaking movie, its opening (a court room settings with no member of the jury on sight or court room spectators), in my opinion might be deliberate. Acrimony instantly arrest your attention, secretly calms your nerves while you gasps for the next scenes to unfold.

Starring the gorgeous Taraji Huston as Melinda Moore, Lyrid Bent as Robert Gayle, Crystle Stewart as Diana Wells, it was released in the last month of the first quarter of 2018. With a running time of one hundred and twenty minutes, Acrimony was written and directed by Tyler Perry with Ozzie Areu, Will Areu & Mark E. Swinton also contributing as producers.

The first phase was the display of zero knowledge, zero understanding and immaturity on the subject known and called love bringing to live that marriage is never a bed of roses as graduation from university is not a guarantee for the desired employment.

Everything went ballistic when Robert received that phone call from the security personnel from Prescott informing him not to call, write another letter or speak to any of its staff. However, hope did come alive when Robert was on his way to make a delivery on behalf of his in–laws for the redemption of his mother-in-law’s mortgaged house. He got a phone call from Diana, his high school female friend, who now works as a personal assistant for Prescott, requesting he come to meet with Prescott one–on–one with his invention.

The second phase, though not very pleasant, but turns out to become the blessing in disguise. As other scenes unfold, it definitely promises to keep you in suspense.

My opinion is this: with the misconception of the institution of marriage, there is no perfect marriage anywhere in the world. Marriage is an institution of two forgiving individuals who willingly and voluntarily agreed and accept to become one regardless of what the next minute may unfolds. Never entertain whether direct or indirect an external mouth piece in the affairs of your marriage. Too many hands surely will make the soup go sour. To crown it up, persistence, self–believe, commitment, diligence must surely get it rewards at the right time.

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