Kumama, a Zulu word meaning “mother” is a mid-temple funk song title by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) diva, Amanda Malela. It is a marital password, appreciation of motherhood and praise to the creator of the universe.

Released in June of 2018, the lyrical content can be related to every day happenings, especially to the work–in–progress or just married couple. A melodious sing along chorus: Just get down on one knee (one knee) / And Legalise somebody (somebody) / Sepela moninga abali (abali) / Just married (x2) / Only you you (only you you) / It’s only thanks to you you you (only you you) / That’s why we say / Kumama – elele… (Kumama) / Glory to you, Kumama (x5) infused with English language and Congolese native language.

The first verse nipped the restlessness some ladies usual have when playing the hard to get tactics, which definitely have just one side of the coin to display. The second verse is very confessional and like Nigeria’s performing entertainer, Davido’s single “chioma”, it rekindles the assurance in the couple even before walking the aisle to say “Yes I do”.

Africa is richly endowed with remarkably cultural heritage. This was prominent in the costumes used for the visual of Kumama, which was shot in the Ivorian capital city Abidjan, revealing in nuggets the love journey of the potential wife / mother, introvert but promising husband / father played by Nathan Oladapo and directed by Dexter X.

Kumama, no doubt is a marital bliss send forth song for the “just wedded” both in the secular and Christian communities, the perfect song for Mother’s day celebration and gratitude to the Holy Trinity.