Philosophically inspiring simply interprets Nigeria’s soul singer newest single—This Crazy Life. Calm and warmth instrumentation with a playing time of 4:09 minutes, This Crazy Life was released today Wednesday 1st August, 2018 on Sound Cloud.

Maka has not derailed in her style and lyrical prowess in taking her fans and critics on a musical journey. But the journey on This Crazy Life lyrics: Everyone is looking for something no matter how big or small / from million dollar contracts to the little boy in search of his ball / Everyone is looking for something / Don’t tell me is not true… is deeper than deep.

It is not for the shallow minded; it is more of self-examination in once quest for survival especially on the end results of life hustle.

Truly, we all directly or indirectly are looking for something. Oh! This Crazy Life. What’s that thing you are searching for; Money, Fame, Love, Power, Attention?

In your quest, nothing can equate “happiness” and “peace of mind”.