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1st August 2018
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2nd August 2018

40 Entrepreneurial Principles of Jesus Christ is a book uniting the business and the Christian communities into one unbreakable community. The book unveils vital enterprising principles of yesteryears that entrepreneurs from all walks of life have diligently applied in their daily business activities.

We have slowly, but progressively embraced entrepreneurship. It has suddenly become a subject that is not only taught in universities, but included in the educational curriculum. This of course is a welcome development, but there is always a parallel distance between theory and practical, the real world and the academic world. Having make this point, it is penitent to understand that entrepreneurship is an integral part of our lives and existence especially for the individuals willing to accept full responsibilities for the expected and unexpected outcomes breaking out from Government not fulfilling its part of the bargain thus not delivering the social good it opt to deliver.

My deductions over the years revealed that enterprises fail in their infant stages primarily due to lack of finance, poor accounting records and management. However, an in depth analysis has clearly indicated that though inadequate finance is a key factor to failure, poor accounting documentation and poor management are also responsible for small and growing enterprises to fail abysmally.

The element of TIMING can be said to be the reason why most enterprises seem to be struggling and possibly like dinosaurs will seize to exist in no time. Timing is an asset to the entrepreneur who recognises, understands and has respect for it. Everything on earth is ruled and governed by time. How smart you are is not as important as how timely you can act! The true entrepreneur must be prepared from within to nurture idea, develop it and wait for the right time to launch out.

Sadly, we reside in a community where individuals and corporations are not willing to legitimately pay their TAXES. Though guilty as charged, the respective authorities whom these taxes are paid to do not evenly make optimal use of it for the benefits of the citizenry, as entrepreneur. It is your duty to pay your tax.

Another key entrepreneurial principle in the book is INTEGRITY. The state of anarchy globally is a clear indication that earth is yearning and hungry for clergy and entrepreneurs with integrity. There is no nation and by extension entrepreneurs that can be outstandingly successful and great without integrity. It is a virtue, an uncommon and an exceptional trait with lots of personal discipline and commitment.

Profit is the core motive of any business so also should “good giving”. Any entrepreneur that finds it difficult and challenging to give will not eventually give even after recording marvellous gains or a rewarding profitable financial year. To question an entrepreneur’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a bad idea, however giving or lending out a hand every now and then as an entrepreneur should be a way of life because entrepreneurship is much more than accumulating profits.

On the flip side being a successful multiplier can only be possible once the entrepreneur embraces RISK. It is often said that “life itself is a risk”. If this cliché is true, then an Entrepreneur must distinguish himself or herself by taking risk to become that successful, outstanding and intelligent multiplier.

Regardless of whatever community an individual represent, PRINCIPLES should not be compromised. Principles when rightly adhered to guarantees flawless activities for desired results. Like the law of the universe that has zero respect for any individual, so it is with these entrepreneurial principles. Any individual who consciously or ignorantly practices these principles will get the results.

Femi Oladejo Lawrence is no doubt a Nigerian who has had some taint of education in South Africa. Having gone through certain personal experiences, he offered these words of encouragement encapsulated in this quote: “There is enough wealth on earth to make everyone self-sufficient. There are also enough problems, challenges with corresponding solutions and answers to deliver the wealth into the hands of the willing, able and determined”

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Godwin Iheanacho
Godwin Iheanacho
Author of Silver Lining, a series factual novella, Radio Drama Producer, versatile, dynamic and enterprising Music, Business & Arts Journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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