There are various interrelated essentials responsible in making either a product, service, an individual or corporate organisation The BRAND.

Although, colour and logo arguably remain the most prominent on the lips of all on The BRAND topic, there are essential elements that either speak less or don’t speak but have vital role towards the creation and making of The BRAND.

Advertisement. BRAND advertisement is simply information about The BRAND to the public most importantly your targeted and potential customers through the right medium that is not in any way misleading and paid for by an identifiable advertiser.

Availability. BRAND availability is having The BRAND ready for either primary usage or secondary usage putting into perspective the location of the end users.

Affordability. A BRAND loses is place and position once it can’t be owned by its users. After factoring all the variables towards the making of The BRAND, set a price worthy for your BRAND for as long as the Value and Quality of your BRAND is not in any way compromised.

Credibility. How trustworthy and believable can your BRAND be before your targeted end users? This is not the “watered” cliché of a trial will convince you. Don’t make the mistake. There is no guarantee. Not all BRANDs are created in speculations.

Consistent. BRAND is longevity. The BRAND terrain agrees to be hostile and unapologetic. This is more than bringing your “A–game” even why thinking outside of the box and breaking the norms. Regardless of the turbulence, The BRAND must deliver.

USP. No two BRANDs even competitive BRANDs are the same. There is either one element or more that makes BRAND A uniquely different from BRAND B. What is your BRAND unique selling point?

Appeal. BRAND is universal. From Nigeria to Germany to United States of America, The BRAND remains The SAME.


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